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Coronavirus Concerns: How to Ride the Waves

The coronavirus has been affecting businesses globally. And with the concerns of infection, many Americans are taking precautionary measures. This includes increasing sanitation practices and avoiding public areas. In addition, some may even postpone their medical appointments including dental.

Until the risk of infection is minimal to none, dental practices may notice a decline in patient visits. For this reason, it is advisable to maintain safe and smart business strategies. Read our helpful tips to protect your practice and maintain revenue.

Stay Proactive

Getting ahead of the threat is the best form of defense. While you’re protecting your staff and patients, don’t forget about your revenue. Patients may already be postponing or declining treatments in fear of infection. Reassure them of your office’s precautionary measures. Make it known by supplying sanitizer receptacles and face masks. Mail letters to your patients to communicate your efforts in keeping them safe during their visits. 

Likewise, you should consider increasing your promotions. Offer better promos than your competitors. Announce them. Utilize your social media platforms, website, and Google My Business to connect with patients. Smart consumers know that businesses are likely to offer great deals during this time of uncertainty. In other words, people are still interested in affordable dental care. They just need to learn about your offers.

Focus on Dental Emergency Care

Even if patients are still hesitant about maintaining their exams and cleanings, sudden tooth pain is difficult to ignore. Offer affordable and convenient dental emergency care. Similar to the previous tip, promote your offer across all media channels. Create a pop-up window, Google Ads campaign, Facebook Boost post, Instagram ad, and brochure. Of course, there are more channels than those but use what works for your practice. Perhaps most patients respond to Facebook posts than a brochure. Or maybe a Google Ads campaign has proven great results in the past. Consider what channel is best and maximize its potential.

Be Safe

Protecting your team and patients is most important. Recently, the American Dental Association published a handout listing key safety points that dental professionals should practice. While some points are already standard norms, the ADA did mention the need to prescreen patients. Be sure to ask them questions regarding recent travels and if they or anyone in contact has flu-like symptoms. 

In addition, any staff member with flu-like symptoms should not report to work. He or she should contact their primary doctor instead. For more severe symptoms, urgent medical care is recommended. Additional information regarding the ADA recommendations can be found here.

Try Virtual Dental Consultations

Covering all your bases is key. This includes offering virtual dental consultations. There are platforms available to patients who prefer to meet a doctor online. In fact, companies like TeleDentistry and The TeleDentists offer patients with virtual dental consultations. It’s a quick and convenient way for patients to meet with a dentist. And now with concerns of infection, more patients may consider online consultations. 

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus epidemic is still questionable. At 617 Web Marketing, our team is learning new developments from reliable news stations and articles. As more information becomes available, we will communicate more tips on staying ahead of this global issue. We wish you and your family all the best. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Stay safe.