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Operation Task Management

Karla Jennifer Castillo

Operations Tasks Management

Karla was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication: Mass Media and Journalism from La Salle University in 2010. Karla continued her education at La Salle by earning her master’s degree in Professional and Business Communication in 2011.

Her background includes event promotions, newsletter writing, financial advising, and sales. She began working for 617 Web Marketing in 2018 and has enjoyed every minute. Her role includes writing, editing, managing tasks, and creating websites.

When not working, Karla is inspired to live each day with gratitude. She spends most of her time with her 4 dogs Booger, Emma, Bambi, and Athena. She also enjoys living a healthier lifestyle by eating nutritious, flavorful meals and spending time outdoors.

Karla is dedicated to exceeding every client’s expectations. What are your goals?