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Whether you work as a dentist or any other profession, the most believable reviews come from clients. After all, they have experienced your work firsthand and are in the best position to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Customers are also good at spreading the word about their experiences, which can work in your favor – or not. Customers are more likely to complain about bad experiences than they are to rave about your great service. 

When people choose a dentist, they usually have dozens of options. If there are multiple dentists to choose from, how do they find the right one? Most rely on referrals or reviews. It’s easy for someone to go online and quickly check the reviews of a certain dentist. If a dentist is poorly rated, they will likely not choose that one and instead gravitate to a dentist with 4- or 5-star reviews.

With a review management system, you are in control. While you can’t control what your customers will say about you, you can help increase the number of reviews you get from customers and follow up with unhappy customers. With Top American Dentist, you can become more proactive in marketing your business. 

What is Review Management?

Review management is an online process in which you can control your reputation. Obviously, no dentist wants to have any complaints from patients, but sometimes people have bad experiences and they need an outlet to share them. 

With online review management, you have the ability to send out forms to patients after each appointment. These forms are emailed to patients so they know that you are actively seeking their review. Many clients do not think about leaving review for companies, especially if their experience was as they expected. Sometimes they are busy and simply forget. The review software at Top American Dentist can help you be more proactive, so you can gather more reviews and get a better feel for the overall customer experience.

Why is Review Management Important?

Review management is important because it helps customers describe their experiences and hopefully seek resolution. If, as a dentist, you see that a patient is unhappy, you can quickly follow up and make things right. You can perhaps offer free or discounted services or gift cards for their trouble. Without a review management system in place, the patient can post bad reviews everywhere and negatively impact your business.

Review management is also good because it can help a dental practice understand its strengths and weaknesses. For example, if customers tend to complain about your inability to accept popular dental insurers or the wait time, you can focus on fixing these issues to eliminate these problems and make customers happier. Having a review management system in place can also boost your online presence. Top American Dentist offers online listings of dentists, so potential patients in your area can easily find you. Contact us today to get started!